It’s time to finally start your Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) store without questioning every single thing.

Everyone tells you it's so easy to start a TpT store, but you're still lost and confused.

Because I know that as an aspiring TpT seller, you’ve probably already tried:

Figuring out what the heck "flattening" is.

Figuring out what to list as your first product.

Just winging it (I know this one all too well!).

That’s exactly why I created "Ten Things You Need to Know Before Starting Your TpT Store"

Inside the course, you’ll learn:

My top ten tips I give everyone just starting out.

Where to go when you need help.

Everything is changeable and there are no rules.

These ten tips will have you starting off right, instead of spending your days researching the right way to do everything.

All for FREE.

Hey there, I’m Beth Ann

And I help sellers with creating fun products even if they don't feel motivated to create.

Every week, I create videos to help YOU create beautiful products you can list on your store that day. This course will give you the steps you need to take AFTER you create those products with me, so you can show up on search and make LOTS of sales.

So if you're ready to start hearing cha-chings, I'm ready to show you the way.

Grab the guide to start your Teachers Pay Teachers store now!